A downloadable game for Windows

Mr Postman is a game about a mail carrier that needs to deliver letters in a neighborhood.

This is my entry for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4. Theme was CONNECT.
It still has some little bugs, I'll be fixing them and update the page as soon as I can.

Move => W A S D
Pickup/ Deliver: Spacebar

After brainstorming around the theme Connect, and coming up with internet connection, sms and other alike, we ended up with the mail carrier idea. Hope that makes sense LOL.
I wanna thank my brothers Ulises and Emilio for helping me out with the game idea and play testing the first builds. 

I had a lot of fun in this jam, and this is the very first jam where I can finish a project! (thanks Extra Credits for making it 4 days long). Can't wait for signing up to a next game jam!

If you loved it or you hated it please leave a comment with your thoughs. It helps me to grow a lot.

Thanks for playing! 

Install instructions

Download the file MrPostman_v1.0.zip
Extract the content of the zip archive
Run MrPostman.exe and play!


MrPostman_v1.0.zip 2 MB


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wow this game is cool, yet well executed. would be cool to see advancement of this game such as randomizing the house numbers and fixing collisions with the house.

Hey jepkeman, thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment! Can I ask you what you think is wrong with the house collisions? :D

just personal opinion i think it would be cooler if you ran on a track, a set path, in between the houses as opposed to being able to collide with houses.