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- This game was made for the Argentina Game Jam Online #2 -

You play the role of an alchemist who enters the castle of the evil Pig Sorcerer, who kidnapped your beloved and asks you to pay the ransom.
Your mission is to go through the different rooms of the castle and create gold with the items you collect to move to the next room.

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Left/Right => Walk
A => Use potion
S => Run
D => Attack
W => Open Alchemy Menu
E => Pickup 

Alchemy Menu:
Left/Right => Walk
A => Select/Deselect ingredient 1 
S => Select/Deselect ingredient 2
D => Select/Deselect ingredient 3
W => Close Alchemy Menu
E (Hold) => Transmute 


Build_v20200223.3.zip 8 MB

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